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For the past 40 years, Dr. V.S. Natarajan has been rendering various welfare services to the elderly community on his personal capacity. These days, apart from health concerns there has been a quantum leap in the societal and familial issues faced by the elders. Such a scenario warrants an institutional approach to at least provide minimum respite to the elders hit by these issues. It is under these circumstances, Dr. V.S. Natarajan has constituted, Dr.V.S. Natarajan Geriatric Foundation. The guiding philosophy of the Foundation will be to reiterate the fact that old age is not a curse, …

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The Foundation actively engages itself in various Campaigns and Events in order to espouse the cause of Elders welfare.

Geriatric House Call (GHC) Program

Many elderly people suffer from debilitating conditions that can negatively impact activities of daily living or render the individual housebound. Majority of them struggle with disability and chronic illnesses and go without care because they have trouble getting to the doctor’s office. (more…)

Caretaker Enrichment Program (CEP)

Caring for seniors is a labor of love that requires a special person and just the right touch. The work of a caregiver is done willingly and selflessly. Many caregivers do their work quietly, invisibly and around the clock in homes, hospitals and other places. How we take care of our elderly (more…)

CMEs (Seminars & Symposiums)

More than any other age group, Illness complexity, hospital admission rates, lengths of stay and risk of functional decline are highest for seniors. Indeed, emergency department visits are often sentinel events for seniors, threatening loss of independence, health and well-being. (more…)

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Your contribution will help fund visionary programs and will send a powerful message of your support for creating an inclusive society that meets the needs of our elders. In making a donation you are amplifying our reach and impact in making a difference in our community.

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  • Testimonials

    All the senior citizens would be very for this award being conferred on you for your continued service to them.

    - Dr. Mayil Vahandan Natarajan
  • Testimonials

    His forethought that India needs specialized people to take care of older citizens in geriatric medicine

    - Dr. Nalla G.Palaniswamy